the linguistics of geometric patterns

▷ Métis (mēˈtís/)
  Something that is half of one thing and half of another. Someone whose father and mother are of different or mixed origins.

  Raised in Beirut, studied there then in Milan, traveled all around and currently residing in New York… My love for discovery and design was fostered at a young age. I started as an Interior Architect for more than six years. Today, I am simply following my passion: design and make products for your homes. I am very fond of Geometry and Geometric Patterns. They have been used in the Levant for centuries, creating a scenic flow and form of aesthetics in design and architecture. Métis was born out of my pursuit for these patterns and intrigue of their unlimited possibilities. I try to depict each one and reach a subtle balance between modernism and tradition. Using them as inspiration, my products are a fusion between classical traditional style and modern contemporary design. Hence, the name.

▷ Stitches by Métis, #ShopForACause
  Other than the products created by me in New York, I am also working on embroidered and stitched items in Beirut.

  They are all designed by me, with the help of my Mom, and handmade by tremendously talented women in Beirut, who are in difficult circumstances. After working on the idea and the designs, we supply all the materials: fabrics, threads, prints, everything. They then work on them in the comfort of their own simple homes. They are very passionate, skillful and capable, but unfortunately do not have the means to show their craft and make a living out of hand-making. Each piece is manually cross-stitched, embroidered, knitted or sewed, and turned into beautifully handmade products for you. This allows us and you to help them work, improve their way of life, and hopefully give them a better tomorrow. Hopefully with your help, we will be able to give them more and make a bigger impact. If you see how enthusiastic and happy they become every time we give them a new piece to work on, it will make your heart grow like mine does every time. How satisfying it is to work and shop for a purpose!

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